Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lame moms

The rule at preschool drop-off is this: You are to walk your child up the drive, down the path and around to the back, where you are to take them through the door and deliver them to the teacher. This rule was explained to each parent on the first day of school and sent home on the page of written rules. Yet, every day I see at least 2 moms kicking their kid at the curb and sending them in alone. I know this isn't the biggest deal, but it really, really bugs me. And I'm totally judging those moms now.


Contessa Vanessa said...

Ughh... I hate that. They're probably totally talking on their cell phones when they do it, too.

Shel said...

Wait to you deal with the dreaded kindergarten loop next year. The moms cut each other off, butt each other in line, take 4 frickin ever, and then wave and smile as they drive away. It's May and I am still terrified sometimes.