Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lame linguists

Every year a team of linguists chooses new words to admit into the dictionary. These didn't make it. So uncool.....Crench and phib are my phavorite, 'cause I do them a lot.

sampleton-the person in the picture that comes with a wallet
fruttle-clown feces
ploof-to lose a contact lens in a urinal
crench-to lean against the sink and get your crotch wet
-to claim you're awake when someboby calls, even though you've been sleeping
deodritus-the last remaining flakes of deodorant scraped onto your armpit
-a morbid obsession with Ponce de Leon
pleln-the area between your arm and front yard


LTD in Las Vegas said...

So funny! Why do we "phib" all the time. Why not say, "yeah you did wake me up!" They are the ones calling you and interrupting you. I say that but I still will say "Oh no, I'm fine" probably every time.

Holly said...

to ploof would SUCK.