Sunday, April 20, 2008


On the way home from the movies Thursday, we made one of the biggest mistakes of our lives. We stopped at the Iceberg off the Thanksgiving Point exit. We only ordered something small, which they got wrong, and it was totally grody. But besides the yuck food, the place was the dirtiest dump we've ever seen. The tables literally had a film of grease on them. I tried to wipe ours off, and the napkin turned black. The weirdest thing was, there were TONS of people there. They must have all been first-time customers. No normal person would ever go twice, would they?

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Contessa Vanessa said...

I like Iceberg shakes (in fact, I just blogged about how we always want them when we come to Utah.) I only go to the one in St. George, though. It's always clean and nice with superfast service. I'll make sure to avoid this one, though.

By the way, LOVE the daily uncool...