Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photo woes...

Oh Internet, I just have to get something off my chest. It's no secret that I've been desperately trying to book more jobs lately. Mainly weddings, since I do live in the wedding capitol of the world and it is the most efficient use of my shooting time. Well, I've never before had to try and land wedding gigs. They've always just fallen into my lap and I was as busy as I wanted to be. But lately, now that I actually need to have an income, there are no weddings for me. And I know why. It's not just because I'm a mediocre photographer. It's because everyone and their uncle who has ever bought a decent SLR digital camera at Costco is now a professional photographer. Five years ago there was a handful of great wedding photographers in this area. I knew or had heard of most of them. We were shooting film, we HAD to know what we were doing! We had to get it right in was a serious investment. Now, there are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of wedding photographers around here. Some of them are just plain awful. And some of them are incredible. Some of the incredible ones never even got a degree in photography like yours truly, and that really depresses me. I've been blog-stalking a lot of them lately and it just makes me want to put down my camera forever. It's just so depressing. John Telford was right: Inexpensive, quality digital cameras are the death of serious photography.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bad Daddy

The other day (week) when Bdog was home, we were in the front yard playing with Katie and all of her bikes. She has one that is WAY too small for her but she refuses to give it up. Branden decided he was going to be funny and try to ride it. Again, it is WAY too small for tiny, petite ms. Katie. I warned him not to put his weight on the piece of crap, but of course, he ignored my wisdom. He put his full weight on the pedals and every spoke of the front wheel went shattering into millions of pieces. Luckily, Katie's meltdowns are few and far between so we were able to talk her out of really being upset over it. He's lucky he didn't shatter her little-scared-of-the-big-bike heart. Dad's just don't listen.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Not yet...

Something very uncool has happened over the last few weeks. I've found and pulled out of my head about 40 gray hairs. I know all you dark headed women are saying, "Cry me a river." And it's not the confirmation of being old that bugs me. I accept that. It's just that having blond hair made me think that somehow gray hairs wouldn't show up so much. These buddies weren't just ultra-light, been at the beach all summer blond ones. They are full-on WHITE! Completely devoid of pigment. And I refuse to start the arduous task of coloring or highlighting. I'll just pluck them. Good thing I have hair to spare.