Thursday, November 13, 2008

Me again

It's me again. I'm the uncool one....again. I love Facebook. I really do. I totally enjoy stalking my friends and looking at pics and all the funny, witty things people write on walls, status updates...all that. But I guess I'm not that cool 'cause I'm really not into being poked, cyber-hugged, planting little green things and such. I really don't wanna take any quizzes either. I'm a slightly anal minimalist, and I don't like all the clutter that clogs up my page whenever I do stuff like that. The quizzes are funny and all, it's just that I already feel guilty spending so much time on the world wide web keeping tabs on everyone and reading blogs. In fact, I've already violated my rule of never spending more than 10 minutes making a blog post.

Also, if I'm not friends with someone in real life, I'm really not interested in being Facebook friends. Or, if I've met someone one time and know that there's no chance I'll ever be meeting them again, I kinda don't think it's necessary for them to send a friend request. And if I've never met them at all, no chance. Just don't wanna...

So, if I ignore your group or your event, candy gram or whatev, please don't be offended. I totally love you and am glad we are real life AND internet friends.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I still can't find my lost scarf mentioned here. It truly is part of my winter uniform and now that there's snow on the ground, I miss it dearly. Not only is it comfy with a cute pattern and the right colors for everything, it is precious to me as it's a gift from Luchessie. I think I may have left it at Lisa V.'s house after one of our lady dates. Hmm. Maybe I left it in Las Vegas at my rents. Maybe I left it at your house? Anyone seen it?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's me. I'm the uncool one. I just can't get with the trendy clothes today. I'm old. I'm stuck in the 90's. Every day I have one of three styles: slightly skater, slightly hippie, or very SAHM. I can't branch out. I reject the 80's revival. Some people look great in skinny jeans, some people can pull off the Wham/Duran Duran/Go-Go's retro look. I'm just not one of them. Here is a photo of a devoted Neon Trees fan. I just can't get over her get-up. I guess I'm uncool.