Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poor Baby Connor

I took Connor and Katie with me to Gold's Gym in AF last Tuesday so they could play while I worked out. 2 days later, Connor came down with the worst stomach virus I've ever seen. It was non-stop barf and diarrhea for 2 days straight. At that time, Katie informed me that on Tuesday at the gym, she had found Baby Connor in the bathroom with his hands in the toilet. No one was watching him, and somehow he had escaped from the baby area, and was having a good ol' time with the poo water. Katie walked him out, told the teacher lady what happened, and then told me that THEY DID NOT WASH HIS HANDS. It gets even better...

So, Friday morning, I took him in to the Dr. as I was worried that he hadn't kept anything down, not even an ice chip. Before I even gave details, the Dr. asked if he had spent any time that week at a day care or babysitting. I said he went to the babysitting at the gym. He asked if it happened to be the Gold's Gym in AF. Apparently, he had seen about 20 other kids in his office that week with the same illness.

So, we went home, tried to feed him more but with no luck. By that evening, he was so lethargic I started to get really worried. His eyes were dark and cloudy and he was not himself at all. By this point, his diarrhea had become out of control, so we called the Dr. again and they had us come down to the office. As soon as they saw Connor, they decided to admit him to the hospital for dehydration. I felt relieved that he was going to get some fluids.

So, long story short...I'm going to skip the details about the 1.5 hrs it took to get a needle in his flat, dehydrated veins and the 6 nurses and 14 pokes it took to do it...and just skip to the part where they kept him in the hospital FOR THREE DAYS! My mom ended up coming here from Vegas to help, and Bdog flew home Sunday to be here. Had I known Friday night that he'd spend 3 days there, I would have called for back-up right away.

We just brought him home yesterday. They let us go because he was starting to finally drink on his own and hold it down, and 'cause his diarrhea had significantly decreased. Well, after we got home, he stopped drinking anything and the little we were able to force feed him all came back up. His diarrhea increased again as well. Today, he's thrown up the entire content of today's feedings and is exploding in his pants and everywhere else. Please bless we don't land back in the hospital :(

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sicky Poo

For the first time ever, I have 2 sick kids. Katie hasn't really been sick since she was a baby, so I've never had to deal with her and Connor being sick at the same time. Poor Miss Katie has a relentless fever and a cough, and Baby Connor has a sinus infection, and bad cough too. He's on antibiotics for the first time in his life. Of course, this is happening while I'm still getting over my awesome cough and while I have no husband. I only got to enjoy Bdog for 36 hrs. over the weekend. So, over the course of one month, we will have had only 36 hrs. with him. Lame. Lame. Lame.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Poopy Pants

Baby Connor pooped a hair ball. A full-on ball of different
types/colors/lengths of hair. I had to pull it from his little bum
and it just kept coming and coming. This is my first experience
with a human and a hair ball. Normally, it would be a cat

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Roast Beast

I just need to tell the world that the London Broil roast beef at Albertson's (forgot the brand name...but it's not the store brand) totally tastes like beef flavored jell-o. It's gross.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Career Woes

Can Mercury just send a check already? Besides all the ridiculously delinquent bills we have, it's my dream to get Ms. Katie back into dance class. We're going to miss her ballerina window if we don't hurry up. Fudge man. Pretty soon she's going to lose interest in dancing on the basement couch. Freak.