Sunday, March 14, 2010

Don't Judge

I am having a hard time coming to grips with something. I think the only way I can deal is to write about it. Sat. night we finally opened one of the shiny new beauties we got last week and listen to it in the car. It is sooooo fantastic. I cried tears. It's that good. Then we got to track of my most favorite songs in the world ever. Now, I knew about the less than savory word used in it, but EVERY COPY of Habits was supposed to be EDITED. Every. Copy. Well, these first 100,000 are not. The next pressing is likely months away, so, in the mean time you must be warned. I cannot let my fellow Molly Mormons go buy it knowing that they'll be mortified if they listen to track 6 in the car with their kids. It's a big deal to me. Yes, I know, I'm uptight and prudish.

So, after listening to it in the car Sat. night, we attended the premiere of Under Great White Northern Lights. I was in the most sour mood ever. I was on the verge of tears. I wasn't allowed to talk about my disappointment with Branden because it was stressing him out and ruining "date night". He is also very stressed about the sitch. It's a ding to his rep.

As we sat watching Jack and Meg on the big screen, I remembered how very, very much I love rock 'n roll. And how it's a HUGE part of who I am. And how when Bdog had long hair he sometimes looked like Jack and it was hot. And how the music I've listened to all my life defines so much of me. And how this is Branden's career that we've worked so hard for. And that the eff-bomb is just one word.

Then I thought about all the musicians I love and respect in my life. The ones that I look up to & that influence me. I literally had this monologue running in my head while watching:

"Man, I really love rock 'n roll...Man, why am I so bent out of shape about this? I've love so many bands that have songs like this. And I turned out o.k. Right? Neil Young...even The Jam drops an eff-bomb and they're like, my most favorite band EVER! What about Lucinda Williams? Dad loves her. And The Mother Hips? Radiohead? Ryan Adams? Beck? O.K. So, it happens. It's not the end of the world. I'm not gonna die."

Yes, this is what was going through my mind. Then I decided to just warn the world and let it be. I listen to music that has words in it sometimes and I'm o.k. Even in my formative years, it didn't mess me up. The world will keep spinning. And there is so much music in the world to love. Even track 6. And there are not enough Neon Trees songs in the world for me to love and listen to.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sometimes, when you temporarily have a pet cat and you forget that you have said cat, and the cat pushes open your bedroom door in the night while you are dead asleep, and you hear the door screech a blood curdling squeak, and the cat jumps on your bed right where your head is, it can be a life-threatening startle.