Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oct. 11, 1996

My Healing Priestess

How much better it is to remain in your loving care
To be succored and nourished into healthy contribution
Than to sever myself from the radiance of your presence
To suffer a dim, grey, shadowy existence

You are the source of my sun and joy
Your wellspring of love for me is beyond my ability to comprehend
I am but an undeserving fool, fit for the gallows

I am astonished and smitten in the wake of your caring
How I sink into miserable depths of dreariness without you
And still I make speedy retrogression back into that dark mindedness

You are my Saviour on Mount Zion
And have proven time and time again
That you will always love me despite myself

I am learning from you
Slowly I am evolving
I know without charity I am nothing
I love you for choosing to be my teacher
I love you

-T.R.A. Dec. 1995

{Trevor's other writings, which I dare say are even more tender, are here and here and here}

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