Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Man

This really isn't uncool, but it's baffling and I don't know where to catalogue this information. My severely delayed, handicapped 3 year can't talk. At all. But he can snap his fingers very well, though most other 3 year olds can't. And he can WHISTLE. With his mouth. Whistle. I don't get it.


Crazymamaof6 said...

sounds like he's got some mad skills.

I had 3 kids with speech delays. they all got to do free special ed preschool. it was freaking awesome. my youngest is in his 2nd year and i can't shut the kid up. when he started he couldn't say 5 words. he just pointed and grunted.

what kind of services are they offering? if they haven't offered, ask, they should pony up speech for sure and probably some other therapies.

Anonymous said...

My kid was whistling at 18 was a little creepy!! She's also jacked up...and I am currently in the fight of my life to get her into a special needs preschool.

Anonymous said...

If he's whistling to get your attention, he knows he can use his mouth for needs. If he's just whistling to whistle, he's also learning that he can use his mouth to make sounds (pleasant or unpleasant - depends how the whistling sounds). As weird as it seems, it's easier to blow to whistle than it is to put all the different parts of language together. (Sorry for the weird response, I'm an early childhood special ed teacher and I'm really into this stuff.)

Julie and Carlos said...

Did you know that our oldest Gavin had a severe speech disorder? We started to see the problem around age 3 when he wasn't talking. We've spent years in therapy and he has changed from a severely delayed child in a communication handicapped classroom to a bright talkative regular 3rd grader. Give me a call - I've had many sleepless nights of worry and now that we are nearing the light towards the end of that tunnel I want to let you know that it DOES get better! Seriously - Bdog has Carlos' number. Give me a call,