Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crusty Feet

I am an avid flip-flop wearer. I really hate socks so I'm always anxious for spring so I can bust them out. Since we've finally broken the 60 degree mark here, I'm sporting them often. I've noticed that for some reason now, when I'm walking farther than a block in the flops, the tops of my feet start to cramp up. It's really weird and has never happened before. So, yesterday on our river trail walk to the park, I had to take my flippity-flips off and go barefoot for a while. The asphalt of the trail actually felt great under my feet and kinda gave me a massage. I knew I looked super homeless but just had to let it go. My feet got all black and crusty. I totally felt like Elin (love you!). What's with the cramping?

So, it's great to walk along the river so when your feet get black you can stick them into the headache-inducing, frigid glacier water of the stream. It cleans them right up. But what's with the cramping?


Emma said...

Are you getting OLD Em, is that it??? kidding because I am a few months older than you. LINDA (0:

Kim said...

Hi! Shameless blog-stalker here.

The cramps come from the way your feet have to grip the sandal. The tendons in the top of your foot pull up your toes to keep the sandals from sliding off as you walk.

But no matter how bad they are for my feet, I'll never give up my flip-flops!

terynmendenhall said...

Ask Karly Zobs about walking barefoot.....she has lots of fun theories about it and is barefoot many of the days.

lady ace said...

my feet are FINE.