Monday, October 6, 2008

The Beatles are the best....EVER!

Branden and Emilie agree that people who don't think The Beatles rule, are uncool. We agree with the following:

"I work on the principle that it's not possible to take anyone's views on music seriously if they don't like the Beatles. Everything else is a question of personal taste and therefore debatable. But if you don't recognize the Beatles as the twentieth century's most inventive, most influential and most talented composers, you're pretty much admitting that you've rather missed the point of the last hundred years of musical endeavour. Should you fall into that category, I do not condemn neither do I mock. I merely despair and, having despaired, I move on."
...Mark Bastable


Kaerlig said...

Phew! I may not know a lot about music but I do like the beatles. Thanks mom and papa.

Mark Bastable said...

I must have written six or seven million words in my life, but that throwawat paragraph is the one that crops up everywhere on the Web.

Not that I mind. I stick by it.

Mark Bastable said...

Of course...most of the seven million I proofread more closely than that.

Er - 'throwaway'...