Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Girl

Why do our babies have to grow up? Lately Katie has been acting too grown up for me. Soon she'll be more mature than me and we can't have that. She's bored with the work in kindergarten. It's too easy she says. Instead of Cinderella, she wants to watch Everafter. Instead of Beauty & The Beast, she wants to watch Enchanted. Instead of Cars, she wants Days of Thunder (just kidding...I just threw that in there...could have been Splash instead of Little Mermaid).

Recently when I asked why she didn't have fun at a friends house, she replied, "Mom, people change. We just don't want to play the same thing anymore."

And this is how she tells me she's ready for breakfast, "I would like a sunny side up egg, runny please. With some salt and wheat toast with a little bit of butter, thank you."

At Disneyland this summer, I was devastated when she didn't want to wear her big poofy Snow White dress-up like she did last year. I guess it's not that cool anymore. It truly broke my princess mommy heart. Gulp.

She doesn't even look like a 5 & 1/2 year old. I think I'll start doing her hair in pig tails.


Shenay said...

She sounds more mature than me.

Evonne said...

She might not be a baby anymore, but she sure is gorgeous! Holy cow, that cute cute face.

Kendra Leigh said...

Wow! She's GORGEOUS. She's gonna be heartbreaker, that one!

Kaerlig said...

does she really order her breakfast that way?

mine order by yelling "I'm hungry!"

Vicki said...

Katie's a big girl now! I like the backgrounds in the pictures. From, Julia

LTD in Las Vegas said...

She sound like Emma & how mature she was...maybe it is being the older sibling as a girl. Just wait 'til she's 9. I can't go to the store & buy ANY clothes for Emma now...too picky, & forget it w/hair. She MIGHT let me put it in 2 braids once in a blue moon. She likes stoner hair, parted down the middle. I try & tell her that no one looks good like that & we do the side part thang! She also asked Mike to make her the new Metallica CD & we unanimously said, "NO!" She can rock out in the car w/ her dad but not alone in her room to Metallica...AHH! (sorry to go into my own story!)