Monday, July 21, 2008

Top Ten

Here are the top 10 uncool things from the last couple weeks:

10. Psycho drivers that almost kill you, then give you the bird out their window.
9. Realtors who leave houses unlocked when they leave.
8. Giant spiders that look like scorpions and tarantulas mixed.
7. Lost binkies at the beach when it's nap time.
6. Gas prices.
5. Waking up ready to pick incredible, ripe plums only to find them blown all over the ground and eaten by critters.
4. Neighbor's dogs who bark all night incessantly.
3. Slipping on the wet, tile bathroom floor while trying to save your baby who just slipped on said bathroom floor only to fall into him and kick him 5 more feet across the wet bathroom floor and watch him hit the wall.
2. Bruises on your hand, bum and ribs from wet bathroom floor fiasco.
1. Not having INTERNET ACCESS! Thought I might love it, but can't live without it. It's just not the same as no T.V. or phone. Not having those is lovely.


LTD in Las Vegas said...

Ok I am not as jealous now that it isn't 100% paradise....sorry to benefit on your misfortune...and poor kid!

Kaerlig said...

1. coming home to a thrashed house after working 13 hours.
2. sore throats
3. dipping into my overdraft
4. summer ending
5. David having a employee that doesn't have a life and thinks David shouldn't either so he encourages David to work until freakishly late hours of the night so that employee doesn't have to face that he doesn't have a life.
6. David being so tired and spent after work that he doesn't have the energy to even talk to me.
7. Making a great dinner only to hear three little voices saying "YUCK!" and David being at work when he should be eating dinner with us.
8. Kids fighting
9. Insomnia
10. pee on the toilet

Jessica said...

Oh Emilie! I'm sorry you and the baby babe slipped on the tile but what HEElarious image. I hope you two are recovered.