Friday, June 13, 2008


"No phone, no phone. I just want to be alone today. No phone, no phone."

Here is something that really bothers me: awkward phone conversations. I've found that there are usually two reasons I think a phone conversation is awkward.

1) People call me all the time and unsuccessfully try to shoot the breeze with me when really they're calling for a specific reason. Usually a favor, and that's fine. I have no issues with a call starting with "Hey,'s it going? So, I totally need a favor." For those of you who do that, I applaud you.

2) Some people are just awkward on the phone, thus, an awkward phone conversation ensues. I recently talked in length about this very phenomenon with JUSTIN. We talked about this for a very long time and I was pleased with how long the conversation flowed and how it remained interesting. This was a good example of a non-awkward phone conversation. I love chit-chatting on the phone when time allows, and not all phone calls need a reason, but sometimes people are just bad at the chit-chat and should simply take care of business.

K. Talk to you later. Bye.


Shel said...

So, like, have you seen that cell phone commercial where the guy is talking to his brother? "Hey Brad, you know how all our phone conversations are usually so awkward? Well, I've got new digital service now so.... ummm.. our conversations should be a lot...less... awkward."

k. bye.

Maudie Jane said...

I know about this, cause, well, I am that awkward person on the phone. I really hate the phone sometimes because I am so awkward on it; I go in for the “good-bye” and end up with a conversation starter. I want the convo to keep going and it dies a terrible death. There is nothing we awkward people can do, so that's why I love texting. Short sweet and to the point.