Monday, May 5, 2008

The Red Pony

I picked this book up last month while I was shopping for used fabric at D.I. It was only $0.25. I'm not sure why I felt like reading it, just thought I'd further explore fiction after my Twilight stint. I know John Steinbeck is like, one of America's great authors, but this book just sucked donkeys. I guess I can say it was well written, but the plot just made me wish I had spent those two hours watching American Idol...something I've NEVER watched in my life.

Not only was I waiting the whole time for some poignant, climactic moment, but I didn't even realize when the book had ENDED!! The story moved on to the dead horse and some lemonade, which I was SURE could not have been the ending. So, I kept reading. Right into Junius Maltby which was included after The Red Pony. I didn't even realize it was an entirely new story. Which by the way, was equally dismal and infuriating. OMG! Has anyone read Junius Maltby??? Perhaps it was because I had just recently re-read Siddhartha and Into the Wild for the umpteenth time, but I really needed a happy ending. Though after Junius, I felt so pleased that my husband is pursuing his career in music. Despite the sacrifice.

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paul said...

Try East of Eden. It will redeem the man.