Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jiffy Goob

I just went to get an oil change in my car so I could make the trek to CA to see Bdog today. The boy at the Jiffy Lube in Highland was super lame. He literally tried to talk me out of dropping my car off 'cause there was a 30 min. wait. I assured him it was fine because I had some errands to run across the street and had the time. So, he further tried to discourage me by saying I'd probably be back before they even got to my car (there was only one car ahead of me b.t.w.). I couldn't understand why he totally wanted me to leave. It was rude and frustrating since I had to have it done TODAY. So I left it there, and it was ready when I got back. Do they not want customers so they can hang out and play video games or something? So uncool.

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