Friday, October 15, 2010

Oct. 11, 1996

Somewhat tired, peaceable between sleep and listlessness
Fire brings languor to visions
Between dangling and dissolving

And your eye, it is there
Your eye will say smoke and the sun
Red and shining skies
Altogether wrapped with time unmoving...

Desert shores at midnight
Lapping waters freely play
Up against our wriggling toes
Set so deep in sand and clay

Under that swallowing night
We went as two babes in love
Into great bouts of passioned embrace
Until the morning's deep red sun

Fire played all night between
Our eyes locked in merciless stare
Pins pricked upon our backs
The chills that coursed
Like wild mares

Never again will another time
See the likes of that hot sleep
Never will these lips of mine
Find a love so dear and sweet
-T.R.A. 1995


kathryn G. Andersen said...

Oh my Gosh! Thank you for sharing that! What a beautiful poem--- you were and are treasured.

Chelsea said...

Oh how I miss him. I love this picture and I think I remember the day it was taken.

He is so beautiful.

I love you Em!

Kaerlig said...

Em, thanks for posting another poem. Keep them coming. I have some boxes of his mission journals that I will some day pour over.

This was written about you and him at Lake Mead- wasn't it?