Sunday, September 12, 2010

Old Hag

Friday, at the grocery story, Baby Connor was in a really good mood. And since he doesn't talk, he likes to let out these really loud, shrill, pterodactyl screams when he's stoked. Well, he was stoked on his pretzels in the grocery cart so he let out one of those awesome screams. An old lady in front of me whipped around with her hands tightly protecting her ears and said "Oh my gosh!! You've got to cover their mouths when they do that. That's just AWFUL!"
I politely replied that I didn't know he was going to let out a happy scream and just kept walking. But what I really wanted to say was:
"Hey bag lady, he's retarded. Look at his gorgeous face. He can do whatever the hell he wants, so shut your pie hole."
But I didn't. 'Cause my momma raised me better than that.


Kaerlig said...

You are too polite!
How is Giant Steps going?

Shenay said...

Are you kidding me? I seriously wish you would have said what you really wanted to say. She deserved to be put in her place. Does something happen biophysically when people get old that turns all their social filters off and makes them think it's perfectly ok to be crotchety and nasty to people?

AND, I hate that I always think of a hundred awesome comebacks after the fact, when it's too late.

LTD in Las Vegas said...

I so wish you had said would have made her melt like the wicked witch....I get too fired up with ignorance!

queenbee4 said...

People like that are idiots. I have great respect for you- my son was injured at birth(what I deal with is nothing compared to your daily struggles) and people just don't get it. I prefer to think that they are stupid rather than uncaring, heartless beasts- it helps me slep at night.

You hold your head high- you are doing a great and noble job.

Holly said...

You totally should have anyway. Your Mom is so far away, she never would have known.

Elizabeth said...

You totally made me laugh out loud. I would have said it for you. I love to stick it to people! I have a son with autism who does the same thing and I just get a kick out of shocking people with my responses to their rude comments. Hang in there. He is so precious.