Friday, January 16, 2009


I went to help out at Katie's school Wednesday. It's been over a week since it's snowed, yet there was still SO MUCH ICE all over the school sidewalks and walkways. I totally slipped, but luckily I didn't fall. I was so MAD and thought, "How do little kids, who RUN EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME not slip on this 3 inch thick ice?" I'm sure there have been spills, yet there's no ice control going on over there. Not even salt sprinkled down. It was really uncool.


Kaerlig said...

I hear you. The snow melts all day into puddles and then freezes into black ice during the night.

I slipped too.

Shenay said...

When it snowed here I was so bugged by the little bit of ice everywhere. I think that's a big reason why they canceled school - no shovels in Vegas and no way to get rid of the ice. Las Vegans are snow lamo's.